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A Different View (with Adrien Sauvage)

We Care Wales

Keep Wales Tidy

Our Plastic Beach

Sit down for tea with artist Yasmin Jahan Nupur


Every Moment

Sit down for tea with artist Yasmin Jahan Nupur

The Silver Line

Visiting Gramps

About Chris Thomas

Chris Thomas is an award winning director, known for his exceptional ability to merge cinematic visuals with authentic performances, resulting in a harmonious blend of poetic and immersive storytelling. Deeply intrigued by the human experience, the essence of landscapes, and the captivating forces of meteorology, he explores these realms through a lens that is both thoughtful and evocative, seamlessly weaving together intimate character journeys with breathtaking natural backdrops.

With experience collaborating with various agencies and clients, Chris has directed commercials and compelling content for renowned organisations including the BBC, BT Sports, Gillette, and Welsh Water. His film work have been screened and gained recognition at a number of prestigious film festivals including the BFI, Edinburgh International Film Festival, and Mountainfilm in Telluride.